Beechcraft Bonanza Price, Specs, Seats, and Range

Beechcraft Bonanza Price, Specs, Seats, and Range – The Beechcraft Bonanza is one of the major commercial aviation success stories of post-World War 2.Introduced in 1947, the Beechcraft Bonanza remains a very popular civilian aircraft with a total production run of over 17,000 and remains a General Aviation (GA) marketplace. The first flights were recorded on 22 December 1945 and this type continues to operate, in numbers, today in civilian and military circles. Military operators include Haiti, Iran, Indonesia, Ivory Coast, Mexico, the Netherlands, Nicaragua, Portugal, Spain, Thailand and the United States.

Beechcraft Bonanza Varians

Due to its wide global operator coverage (and long service life), the Bonanza series consists of many variants. The main Model 33 Debonair / Bonanza subgroup alone consists of fourteen marks while the subsequent Model 35 Bonanza represents no less than nineteen marks of its own. The Model 36 was followed by nine of its own models including the QU-22 for USAF military service. QU-22 "Pave Eagle" is a Model 36 / A36 variant that served the USAF in the Vietnam War (1955-1975) as a signal relay platform and is equipped with an electronic monitoring system for the role. It is also different in that it is powered by the Continental GTSIO-520-G series turbocharged engine with reduced noise output. The Model 40 served as an experimental form and appeared in 1948. Iran's Defense Industry Organization (DIO) illegally re-engineered the F33 model to form the basis of its local "Paratsu". The newest variant of the Beechcraft Bonanza is the Bonanza G36.

Beechcraft Bonanza aircraft

Beechcraft Bonanza Design and Specs

The Bonanza design carries the most conventional look: the engine is placed in the nose in a traditional style with twin seating arrangements side by side for the pilot and one-sided passenger. The rear of the cabin can accommodate additional people. The main wing aircraft are straight appendages and are mounted low along the sides of the fuselage. This tail unit is what distinguishes the main features of the Bonanza, one form uses a conventional / traditional single vertical fin with a low set plane and the other is assigned a V-tail unit with a vertical fin sloping outward (sans horizontal plane). The 2011 G36 production form can accommodate one pilot and up to five passengers. Overall length reaches 27.5 ft with a wingspan of 33.5 ft and a height of 8.6 ft.

Beechcraft Bonanza interior

Beechcraft Bonanza Engine and Performance

The empty weight is 2,515 lb compared to MTOW 3,650 lb. Power comes from the 300 horsepower Continental IO-550-B engine that powers a Hartzell branded three-blade propeller unit in the nose. Cruising speed reaches 203 miles per hour with a range (ferry) of up to 1,070 miles and a service altitude of up to 18,500 ft. The climbing speed is 1,230 ft per minute.

Beechcraft Bonanza cockpit

Beechcraft Bonanza Cockpit and Interior

The Beechcraft Bonanza G36 is powered by the latest technology in integrated cockpit avionics, the Garmin G1000 NXi. With an improved graphical interface, more powerful hardware, higher resolution displays, additional functionality to increase situational awareness, and optional wireless technology, managing a flight deck has never been easier.

The Beechcraft Bonanza G36 pampers passengers with the most comfortable ride that can be found on a piston-engined aircraft without sacrificing transport comfort. The spacious interior can be quickly reconfigured into four different layouts, making it easy to accommodate special passengers or cargo.

Beechcraft Bonanza Price

The estimated price of the latest Beechcraft Bonanza is around US $ 914,000 to 210,000.

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