Aeroxo ERA Aviabike Hoverbike Concept and Specs – Aeroxo ERA Aviabike is an all-electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) designed by Aeroxo, a company in Latvia and Russia. The ERA Aviabike concept was designed by a team from Aeroxo based in Latvia. The team is led by Vladimir Spinko, an innovator who has several years of experience in developing unmanned aerial vehicles.

Aeroxo ERA Aviabike Hover Bike Concept

Aeroxo ERA Aviabike Concept

This concept vehicle was first introduced at the GoFly competition sponsored by Boeing in September 2017. The GoFly competition requires a private flying vehicle that must be safe, quiet, ultra-compact, easy to use, VTOL and capable of carrying one person for a distance of 20 miles without refueling or refill. Aeroxo ERA Aviabike is a Phase 1 winner in the GoFly competition and will follow the next phase.

Phase I includes ten US $ 20,000 prizes awarded based on written technical specifications. Phase II includes five US $ 50,000 prizes given to the Team with the best VTOL demonstration and revised Phase I material. Phase III introduces the Grand Prize Winner, awarded at the Final Fly-Off in the fall of 2019. Phase I includes more than 600 Innovators from more than thirty countries on six continents who submitted their designs for the GoFly competition.

Phase II of the GoFly community consists of more than 3,500 innovators from 101 countries around the world. Of these innovators, thirty-one Phase II Teams in sixteen countries submitted entries for review by a panel of experts in two (2) rigorous evaluation rounds. The Phase II team was asked to submit visual and written documentation detailing their personal flyer prototype. This is the first time a physical prototype has been introduced into a challenge and this important step brings everyone closer to the Final Fly-Off. On March 26, 2019, GoFly announced that Aeroxo ERA Aviabike completed the Phase II challenge and would receive a US $ 50,000 prize.

Aeroxo ERA Aviabike Specs

Aviabike design resembles a motorcycle with a saddle for pilots. This vehicle is driven by two sets of square quad-ducts with four small oblique propellers on both sides along with a stabilizer under the vehicle. After the pilot there are two more quads-ducts that extend from medium height with high steering. There are a total of sixteen blades. The stabilizer extends from the top of the wheel. Aviabike's ERA propulsion system is powered by a lithium-ion battery to power the motor. Until now, there were no other specifications available to the public.

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