Samson Switchblade Flying Car Concept, Specs, dan Price – Samson Switchblade is an advanced flying car designed and developed by Samson Motorworks Company, California. The Switchblade flying car concept was launched at the EAA AirVenture air show on Oshkosh in August 2009. The first flight of the 1/4 scale Samson Switchblade variant was completed on July 14, 2012. Meanwhile the full-scale flight test version of the flying car is expected to begin in 2019. Full production Switchblade is expected to begin in 2020.

Switchblade flying cars will reduce travel time and allow users to travel at faster speeds without facing traffic congestion. Switchblade is touted as the first flying sports car in the world.

Samson Switchblade Flying Car Design

Samson Switchblade Design and Specs

Samson Motorworks Company has collaborated with Design, Analysis and Research Corporation (DAR Corp) for vehicle design. The switchblade has a fully enclosed structural design based on a three-wheel drive configuration. The outer frame structure is reinforced metal made of composite materials. The front and rear wheels will be equipped with disc brakes.

The aerodynamic design of the car will offer the optimal angle needed to take off from the runway and maintain the stability of the car against strong winds. This flight is assisted by wings that can be extended and structure like a short tail.

The Switchblade flying car is equipped with a complete parachute system and has facilities to protect passengers during rollover and in an emergency. Furthermore, it is equipped with a dual ground / air lighting system and a protective system to protect the wings during road trips.

Overall the Switchblade flying car will be 5.1 m long, while the airplane mode will be 6.2 m. The width, height, and wing width of the car flying on land and flight modes will respectively be 1.8 m, 1.5 m and 8.2 m. It will be able to fly at a maximum height of 13,000 feet, avoiding accidents in airspace.

Samson Switchblade Flying Car Specs

Samson Switchblade Engine and Performance

The Switchblade flying car will be powered by a liquid-cooled Samson V4 engine that can produce a maximum power of 190 hp. This flying car will use 91 octane type automatic fuel and will offer a mileage of 17 km/ l on the road, as well as 34 l/ hour in flight mode.

The Switchblade flying car will offer a greater power-to-weight ratio, making it equivalent to a sports car. The vehicle will be equipped with a continuous variable transmission system. It will feature a dual-redundant ignition, fuel system, air intake, and engine computer.

Samson Switchblade can go with a maximum speed of 305 km / h in air and 201 km / h on land. The maximum load capacity and maximum takeoff weight of vehicles are 247 kg and 794 kg, respectively. This flying car will have a maximum fuel capacity of 114 l and can reach a range of 724 km in one flight. This will require a take-off distance of 335 m and a landing distance of 488 m.

Samson Switchblade Flying Car Interior

Samson Switchblade Cockpit and Interior

The Switchblade flying car can carry two passengers in an adjoining seating layout. It will feature a spacious cabin equipped with protective windshields, digital cockpit screens, advanced sound systems, air conditioning systems, and flexible leather seats.

Samson Switchblade Variant

Samson Switchblade will be available in three variants, namely Snowbird, Aurora and Trek. The Snowbird variant will be the winter version designed for heavy winters and will be equipped with windshields, heated pitot tubes, re-located ski racks, ice melting systems and heaters.

The Aurora and Track variants will offer features similar to the Snowbird variant and will also feature additional equipment and systems such as heavy landing wheels, increased cargo transport capacity, high lift wings to assist with short take-off and landing (STOL) operations.

Samson Switchblade Price

The Samson Switchblade flying car will be priced at US $ 140,000. At present Samson Company is still continuing to develop a full-scale model of this flying car and will undergo a number of flight tests.

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