Aeronext Flying Gondola eVTOL Aircraft Concept and Specifications

aircraftconcept.comAeronext Flying Gondola is a hybrid take-off and landing (VTOL) hybrid aircraft that is being developed by Aeronext Inc., a company based in Tokyo, Japan. The company is a small drone manufacturer, has a drone consulting service, and is a research and development company for small drones and passenger drones.

On October 14, 2019, Aeronext announced the concept of designing a Flying Gondola hybrid-electric VTOL aircraft. This new VTOL aircraft is designed for safety and comfort. Currently the company has built aircraft that can accommodate one passenger but their next model will accommodate at least four passengers.

Aeronext Flying Gondola eVTOL concept

Aeronext Flying Gondola Design

Aeronext Flying Gondola has forward and backward tilted wings, each with four propellers. Each wing tilts to the best angle for takeoff, flight forward, during turbulence and landing. Using the company's own software and hardware allows wing movement and propeller speed to keep the fuselage horizontal and minimize shocks at any time, for a more comfortable ride for passengers during all parts of the flight. The front of the fuselage is the circular part of the fuselage and the back of the fuselage is the oblique part. This tilted wing technology is referred to as Tiltbody technology.

The company has built a 1/3 scale prototype with a width of 1,380 mm (4-1 / 2 ft), a length of 1,400 mm (4 ft, 7 in), height of 700 mm (2 ft 3.6 in). This prototype has flown in 2019.

Aeronext Flying Gondola eVTOL specs

Aeronext Flying Gondola Specifications and Engine

Aeronext Flying Gondola is powered by eight hybrid-electric motors, each of which drives a propeller. The aircraft is equipped with electric drive that is distributed. If several propellers stop working, the remaining propellers can safely land the plane. The aircraft uses 2 stationary legs at the front of the plane and uses the back of the rear wing (tilted up) for its landing gear.

The Aeronext Flying Gondola cabin has two doors, if one door stops working, the other door will most likely function. The cabin is also equipped with large, top and forward windows to provide a wide and spectacular view for passengers. Currently the aircraft cabin that has been designed can only accommodate a passenger.

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