AutoFlightX V600 eVTOL Aircraft Concept and Specifications – AutoFlightX V600 is a vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) electric aircraft designed and developed by AutoFlightX. The company uses the Munich Metropolitan Area flight network and the Munich Technical University. It is dedicated to the development, production, sale and operation of electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicles (eVTOL).

The full-size AutoFlightX V600 prototype was launched at the Aero Friedrichshafen 2019 flight trade show in Germany on April 10, 2019. AutoFlightX plans to use the V600 for cargo flights by 2023. The company also plans to release a manned taxi-version V600 a few years after 2023.

AutoFlightX V600 eVTOL Aircraft design

AutoFlightX V600 Design

The AutoFlightX V600 eVTOL aircraft was developed based on the BAT600 design which was first launched in 2017. The aircraft is equipped with two pairs of wings (usually called canard wing configuration), three-wheel landing gear, six propellers for lift (mounted on two booms parallel to the fuselage ) and propellers for forward flight attached to the rear of the fuselage. The company expects their eVTOL aircraft can be used as autonomous air taxis, regular pilot sport aircraft and as autonomous unmanned cargo drones.

AutoFlightX V600 eVTOL Aircraft specs

AutoFlightX V600 Specifications and Engine

The AutoFlightX V600 eVTOL aircraft is powered by a fully electric or hybrid-electric motor. The motor will drive six lifting propellers and one propeller propeller. The V600 aircraft currently being developed will be able to accommodate three to five passengers and reconfigure the propeller position to meet the EASA certification requirements for aircraft with a maximum take-off weight of 1,323 lb (600 kg).

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