Airbus ZeroE Hydrogen Aircraft Concept, Engine, and Release Date

Airbus ZeroE Hydrogen Aircraft Concept, Engine, and Release Date - Recently Airbus launched a future aircraft concept called ZeroE. ZeroE stands for Zero Emission, which is a future aircraft concept that uses zero-emission fuels to replace fossil fuels.

Airbus ZeroE Aircraft Concept

Airbus ZeroE Concept

There are 3 ZeroE aircraft concepts introduced to the public. The three aircraft concepts are hybrid-hydrogen powered aircraft, which use electrical energy and liquid hydrogen fuel as a source of energy. The use of liquid hydrogen fuel is assessed to reduce aviation CO2 emissions by up to 50℅.

Hydrogen has a very high combustion rate and is capable of releasing a large amount of energy in a short period of time. One particular challenge that must be solved is regarding the storage of liquid hydrogen fuel. The fuel tank must be placed in the safest place and meet the requirements of the aircraft's weight balance.

For monoplane type aircraft, the hydrogen fuel storage and distribution tank will be located behind the rear pressure bulkhead of the fuselage. As for the blended wing body type aircraft, hydrogen fuel storage and distribution tanks will be placed under the wings.

In terms of engine development, on February 22, 2022, Airbus has signed a cooperation contract with CFM International to develop a hybrid-hydrogen propulsion system. CFM International will modify the combustion chamber, fuel system and engine control system of the GE Passport turbofan to work with hydrogen fuel.

Airbus ZeroE Engine and Propulsion

Airbus ZeroE Engine and Propulsion

The testing process for the ZeroE demonstrator aircraft will be carried out at Airbus' facilities in France and Germany. The test of the hybrid-hydrogen-powered propulsion system uses the Airbus A380 aircraft as the test platform. A modified turbofan engine will be placed at the rear of the A380 fuselage. It is intended that engine emissions, including contrails can be monitored separately from the main engine of the aircraft.

Airbus ZeroE Release Date

On its official website, Airbus said that ZeroE technology testing will be completed by 2025 and will fully realize zero-emission commercial aviation by 2035.

We hope that the ZeroE technology trial will be successful as expected, and become a clean, zero-emission aviation solution in the future.

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