Gulfstream G500 Price, Engine, Cabin, and Range

Gulfstream G500 Price, Engine, Cabin, and Range – Gulfstream G500 is a medium-sized business jet designed and manufactured by Gulfstream Aerospace, an American airline based in Savannah. The G500 was announced to the public in October 2014, in Savannah, Georgia, USA, along with the Gulfstream G600. This aircraft is equipped with wings and modern engines designed to facilitate takeoff and landing. Combined with increased competence and reduced emissions, this clean-sheet design showcases modern innovations in safety and performance.

The first G500 flight took place on 18 May 2015. The first four prototype and production test units of the G500 took place in May 2017. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) released the type of Authorization inspection (TIA) in August 2017. The aircraft received its type and production certificate on 20 July 2018 from the FAA. On September 27, 2018, the first G500 was delivered.

Gulfstream G500 business jet

Gulfstream G500 Design and Specs

Gulfstream G500 is designed to replace the old G450, the last variant of Gulfstream IV. The four cross sections of the G500 fuselage are made of metal and have an exterior height of 7.77 meters and a length of 27.79 meters. It has 14 panoramic oval windows measuring 71.37 cm x 52.32 cm. The metal wing has a range of 26.55 meters, designed with a supercritical airfoil with Mach drag-divergence numbers from 0.87 to 0.88. The horizontal stabilizer and flight control G500 are made of composite materials.

Gulfstream G500 interior

Gulfstream G500 Cabin and Interior

Gulfstream G500 has a cabin with dimensions of 12.65 meters long, 2.41 meters wide and 1.93 meters high, which was built for better passenger comfort and aircraft performance. The G500 cab has forward or rear cabin options and a rear window with four windows. It has three living rooms and a rest area for the crew, a bathroom, a cooking area, and a table for dining or meetings. It has a high-speed internet connection and a large-screen television that allows passengers to relax while on a flight.

The aircraft has panoramic windows that increase natural light to illuminate the cabin and spacious seats with extra leg room that allows passengers to lie down easily. The G500 cabin can hold a maximum of 19 passengers. Each seat is equipped with touch screen devices that allow passengers to control lighting, temperature, window shades, and other entertainment devices.

Gulfstream G500 cockpit

Gulfstream G500 Cockpit and Avionics

The Gulfstream G500 cockpit is equipped with Symmetry Flight Deck, which has the latest technology. It boasts electronic Active Control Side Sticks (ACS) that give pilots a better physical sense for aircraft movements and their aerodynamic limits. ACS is a flight-critical control that enables pilots to run aircraft with wire successfully and productively. This provides a better arrangement between the pilot and co-pilot, and increases safety awareness in the cockpit.

The G500 aircraft features a fly-by-wire system replacing traditional manual flight control. The system uses a computer to operate flight control input by a pilot or autopilot, and sends a signal to the flight control surface actuator. The aircraft also has advanced touch screen technology, and a third generation Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS) to display aircraft information, flight symbols, and electronic real-time sensor images from external scenes to the front.

Gulfstream G500 Engine and Performance

The Gulfstream G500 is powered by two Pratt and Whitney Canada turbofan type PW800 engines, which have a thrust of 14,000 pounds. The engine provides a high level of fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, unwanted noise and maintenance time. This aircraft has a maximum fuel capacity of 3,462 US Gal with a maximum payload of 2,495 kg.

The Gulfstream G500 can fly with a maximum cruising speed of 566 knots (1,048 km / h) to a range of 5,200 nautical miles. The aircraft has a service ceiling of 51,000 ft. Maximum takeoff and landing weight is 34,859 kg and 29,188 kg.

Gulfstream G500 Price

The estimated price of the latest Gulfstream G500 business jet is around US $ 46.5 to 55 million.

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