Pilatus PC-12 NGX Price, Engine, Interior and Range

Pilatus PC-12 NGX Price, Engine, Interior and Range – The Pilatus PC-12 NGX is the latest variant of a single engine turboprop business aircraft developed by Pilatus Aircraft, Switzerland. It features sophisticated avionics of high-end business jets that are suitable for single pilots.

Pilatus PC-12 NGX turboprop business aircraft

Pilatus PC-12 NGX Design and Specs

Pilate announced the multipurpose, single-engine, PC-12 NGX turboprop on October 22, 2019, at the NBAA convention. The latest development of PC-12 has been certified by the Federal Aviation Administration. It is equipped with Pratt and Whitney PT6E-67XP single turboprop engines that have been upgraded.

Technology enhancements on Pilatus PC-12 NGX include Electronic Propeller and Full Authority Digital Engine (FADEC) to reduce cabin noise. In addition, the new low-speed propeller mode provides exceptional cabin noise reduction for passenger comfort. This aircraft also offers fuel operations without pristing.

Pilatus PC-12 NGX cockpit

Pilatus PC-12 NGX Cockpit and Avionics

PC-12 NGX features Honeywell's Advanced Cockpit Environment (ACE) System. This smart cockpit integrates the power of the cursor control device with the flexibility of the smart touch screen controller on the executive flight deck. Digital autothrottles such as automatic thrust adjustment reduce pilot workload for safer operation and ensure automatic power increase in each flight phase.

Pilatus PC-12 NGX interior

Pilatus PC-12 NGX Cabin and Interior

Pilatus PC-12 NGX is equipped with a redesigned cabin with larger round windows. The cabin window is enlarged by ten percent to intensify the passenger experience and allow more natural light. Rectangular windows are adapted from PC-24, and the dark windshield surround strips provide a distinguishing incline for aircraft.

The fully reconfigured Pilatus PC-12 NGX cabin offers six different interiors by BMW Designworks. The extremely lightweight and exclusively developed passenger seat provides ideal ergonomics and full leaning capability. The seat is configured to provide maximum space with more headroom.

Pilatus PC-12 NGX Engine and Performance

The Pilatus PC-12 NGX is driven by Pratt and Whitney's new PT6E-67XP turboprop engine with 1,200 hp of power. PC-12 NGX aircraft can fly with a maximum cruise speed of 290 knots (537 km / h) carrying around 360 kg of maximum payload and four passengers in the range of 1,803 nautical miles or with around 544 kg of maximum payload and six passengers in a range of 1,568 nautical miles. The PC-12 NGX aircraft service ceiling is 30,000 ft.

Pilatus PC-12 NGX Price

The estimated price of the latest Pilatus PC-12 NGX is around US $ 5.36 to 5.5 million.

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