Bell FCX-001 Futuristic Helicopter Concept, Specs, and Price – Bell FCX-001 is a futuristic helicopter concept that will be developed by Bell Helicopter. The helicopter concept was introduced by Bell Helicopter at the Hai Heli-Expo, held in Dallas, USA, in March 2017. The FCX-001 helicopter was developed with the aim of addressing the growing demands on major technology, while revolutionizing the experience of pilots and passengers.

This electric helicopter concept was designed by a group of engineers and a graphic designer team. Based on 3D design, the helicopter concept visually shows new technology and innovation as a more efficient flight solution. The design of the FCX-001 has been patented by Bell, but the company has not announced the details of the first flight test and production program

Bell FCX-001 Futuristic Helicopter

Bell FCX-001 Design and Specs

The FCX-001 helicopter will be built using sophisticated sustainable materials for superior structural performance. With a Helicopter body longer than Bell 412, the new Helicopter will improve energy management through the collection, storage and distribution of external energy or energy systems. The helicopter will use a mixture of materials and geometries that are optimized to offer increased visibility and space. The tail boom will include a new anti-torque system, which will continually change safety, noise and vertical lift performance parameters.

Propulsion system The FCX-001 helicopter will be equipped with an anti-torque system that provides thrust vector capability for better control, while avoiding the need for tail rotors. The five main rotor morphing blades will allow the helicopter to optimize performance in various aviation regimes.

Meanwhile, the FCX-001 helicopter landing system will integrate the landing gear with non-traditional geometry. It will also feature wheels, tires and supporting structures made from sophisticated materials.

Bell FCX-001 Engine

The FCX-001 helicopter will be powered by a hybrid propulsion system, including an advanced thermal engine core and an electric motor. The anti-torque system will be driven by an electric motor for quieter and smoother operation.

Bell FCX-001 Conceptual Design

Bell FCX-001 Cockpit and Flight Control

The FCX-001 helicopter will feature a single seat for pilots in the middle of the cockpit. It does not have a traditional multi-function flight deck (MFD), and is controlled by a fly-by-wire system that is integrated with three independent flight control computers.

The helicopter will be guided by piloting augmented computers. The artificial intelligence computer assistance system will receive digital commands from the pilot and will evaluate and calculate the optimal method for carrying out the task. This helicopter will also integrate the redundant system.

Bell FCX-001 Cabin and Interior

The FCX-001 helicopter will feature an enhanced cabin design with eight seats configured in two rows with four seats each. The cabin can accommodate up to 12 passengers and will feature a modular floor system concept, which can be quickly configured for a variety of passengers / cargo and other missions.

The overhead canopy will display LED lighting with options to adjust color and brightness. The cabin will also feature a 360 ° pop-down air ventilation system. The individual infotainment system in the cabin will allow residents to make video conference calls, share documents with other passengers, watch news and movies, or play music.

Bell FCX-001 Price

At present Bell Helicopter has not announced the price of Bell FCX-001 helicopter. This is because the helicopter is under development and has to undergo some more development tests.

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