aeroG Aviation aG-4 eVTOL Aircraft Concept and Specifications – The aG-4 is a hybrid-electric powered vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft designed and developed by aeroG Aviation LLC, a company focused on creating new transportation innovations. The aG-4 aircraft concept was launched in November 2017 based on the UV-4 revision. This aircraft can later be used to transport passengers and cargo.

In 2018, aeroG Aviation completed the design and specifications for aG-4 aircraft. In 2019, the company applied for an aeronautical patent to protect their unique design and propulsion method. At present, small startup research companies are looking for partnerships with existing airline manufacturing companies to bring their aircraft to market.

aeroG Aviation aG-4 eVTOL Aircraft concept

aeroG Aviation aG-4 Design

The purpose of developing aG-4 aircraft is to serve aviation customers and shippers who need vertical take-off and landing and want high-end performance from small jets or turboprop aircraft.

The aG-4 aircraft can accommodate ten passengers and two crew members. The aircraft cabin has an entrance located at the rear of the aircraft to load and unload passengers and crew. The plane was flown by two pilots. The aircraft cabin has several OLED screens (organic light-emitting diode) that display images taken from the outside of the fuselage, binding the senses of sight and imagination of passengers with the illusion of a glass cabin.

aeroG Aviation aG-4 eVTOL Aircraft specs

aeroG Aviation aG-4 Specifications and Engine

The overall dimensions of the aG-4 aircraft include a length of 12.53 m, a height of 5.35 m, and a wingspan of 14.8 m. meanwhile the aircraft cabin is 3.4 m long, 4.08 m wide and the back door size is 3.03 sq. M. The aircraft's maximum empty weight and takeoff weight (MTOW) are 4,681 kg and 5,670 kg, respectively. The aircraft can carry a payload of up to 907 kg.

aG-4 aircraft can be powered by hybrid-electric or full-electric to power four electric motors with 1600 hp power to rotate the composite variable pitch propeller (constant speed). For the hybrid version, the engine exhaust nozzles (located on both sides of the fuselage) rotate to add vector thrust in vertical, transition and forward take-off modes.

aG-4 aircraft can fly with a cruise speed of 519 km / h. The aircraft can also operate more than 556 km / h while only generating thrust from two forward fans in cruise mode, reducing temporary power consumption and noise during the longest part of the flight. In addition to the elevator produced by the channel, this aircraft is designed as a lifting object. This aircraft also has improved safety in the ballistic parachute system.

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