Workhorse SureFly Octocopter Review and Specifications – SureFly is a hybrid-electric octocopter designed and made by the Workhorse Group. This helicopter is meant to supply a secure and superior flight experience for passengers. This helicopter are often used as a personal air vehicle or for defense and commercial applications. It also can be used for precision farming, emergency responder, and city and commuter applications.

The SureFly was officially launched at the Paris Air Show, which was held in France in June 2017. The helicopter was also exhibited at EAA Airventure 2017 international air shows in Wisconsin, US, and at CES 2018 held in Nevada, US, in January 2018. SureFly successfully completed its first flight at the town of Lunken Airport Cincinnati, Ohio, in April 2018. Furthermore, several flight tests were also administered in August 2018.

Workhorse SureFly octocopter

Workhorse SureFly Design and Specifications 

SureFly features a double cabin structure made from carbon fiber. Egg-shaped helicopter body mounted with carbon fiber slip. The propeller is mounted on the rotor arm which is extended above the body of the helicopter which provides lift for flight. Each rotor arm has two carbon fiber propellers that rotate opposite. The helicopter is provided with a skid-type undercarriage that permits the helicopter to land in unprepared lanes and runways.

Workhorse SureFly Engine and Performance

SureFly is powered by a fuel piston engine that drives dual generators. The generator provides power to a dual lithium battery to drive an electrical motor. the electrical motor then rotates eight fixed pitch propellers. Each battery offers a measured power capacity of seven .5 kWh and supplies power if the generator fails, for an forced landing .

This power station makes SureFly ready to fly with a maximum speed of 112 km / h and features a maximum flight endurance of around 2.5 hours. The helicopter features a sidewalk weight of 839.1 kg and a maximum take-off weight (MTOW) of around 1,088.6 kg. The helicopter can fly at a maximum height of 5,000 ft (1,524 m).

Workhorse SureFly octocopter interior

Workhorse SureFly Cabin, Interior, and Cockpit

The SureFly cabin has the capacity to accommodate two personnel including pilots and passengers. it's equipped with two hydraulic doors to enter and exit the crew. This helicopter is additionally equipped with ballistic parachutes to make sure a secure landing during an emergency situation. The cabin are often modified supported mission requirements. All passenger configurations are designed to hold pilots and passengers, while cargo configurations can accommodate pilots and cargo.

The SureFly cockpit is integrated with a heated pitot tube and a static port for airspeed and altitude measurements. Helicopter navigation requirements are served by an onboard GPS navigation system. The cockpit is additionally equipped with control devices, screens, and detection-and-avoid sensors.

Workhorse SureFly Price

The estimated price of the SureFly hybrid-electric octocopter is around US $ 200,000. Cooperative research and development agreement (CRADA) was signed between the United States Army and therefore the Workhorse Group in November 2018. The agreement allows Workhorse to collaborate with the soldiers to hold out research and development (R&D) programs intended to explore potential applications military from SureFly helicopters.

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