Bombardier Global 7500 Price, Cabin, Capacity, and Range

Bombardier Global 7500 Price, Cabin, Capacity, and Range – Global 7500 is the largest, most extensive and most magnificent long-distance business jet produced by Bombardier Aerospace, Canada. The aircraft was originally scheduled to enter service in 2016. However, due to the reconstruction of aircraft wings and other structures, the program was delayed by two years. The Global 7500 was originally named Global 7000 before being renamed May 2018, at the European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (EBACE) in Switzerland.

In 2016, the first test aircraft underwent taxi testing. On November 4, 2016, the inaugural flight Flight Test Vehicle (FTV) 1 was conducted to check how well the system worked and to test the aircraft's flight capabilities. In 2017, the aircraft's wings are in the final design. FTV2 and FTV3 have test flights respectively on March 6, 2017 and May 10, 2017. In September 2017, FTV4 flew, then the last Flight Test Vehicle (FTV5) had its maiden flight in January 2018. In August 2018, all flight tests were completed . On September 28, 2018, the Global 7500 aircraft received type certification from Transport Canada, followed by FAA type certification on November 7, 2018.

Bombardier Global 7500 business jet

Bombardier Global 7500 Design and Specs

The Global 7500 fuselage is produced by Stelia Aerospace. It has a length of 33.88 meters and a tail height of 8.2 meters. To save weight, the metal fuselage uses aluminum-lithium alloys. The nose cover is reshaped, and the new fuselage and rear empennage are installed.

Global 7500 aircraft have high-speed transonic wings with a range of 31.7 meters. The wing improves aerodynamic efficiency for Mach 0.85, it has a 35.3 ° quarter wing chord, thinner chord ratios and fairing track flaps to reduce drag, double hole inboard double fowler to reduce stall speed, increased L / D ratio, and composite winglets new.

Bombardier Global 7500 interior

Bombardier Global 7500 Cabin and Interior

The Global 7500 aircraft has a spacious cabin that can accommodate up to 19 passengers. It is 16.59 meters long, 2.44 meters wide, and 1.88 meters high. This cabin can contain four true living rooms, a master suite, a special crew suite, and even a full size kitchen. Natural light illuminates the cabin due to newly expanded windows.

The cabin is also equipped with a new all-new Touch cabin management system specifically designed for Global 7500 to enhance the experience in the cabin. The company also developed the Nuage seat, an ergonomic passenger seat with a revolutionary design to bring the comfort of luxury home seating into the cabin.

Bombardier Global 7500 cockpit

Bombardier Global 7500 Cockpit and Avionics

The Global 7500 is equipped with the latest Bombardier Vision cockpit that displays synthetic vision images on a head-up display. Apart from the Head-Up Display (HUD) system, the aircraft cockpit has four Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screens, Synthetic Vision System (SVS) and Enhanced Vision System (EVS).

The Global 7500 cockpit is also equipped with an Onboard Maintenance System (OMS) to provide increased shipping, reliability, and ease of database loading, data linking, high-speed satellite communications systems (SATCOM), and controller pilot data link communication (CPDLC).

Bombardier Global 7500 Engine and Performance

Bombardier Global 7500 is powered by a GE Passport thrust engine, which provides 73kN thrust on takeoff. This offers a reduction in NOx emissions and requires burning 8% less fuel. The aircraft can fly with a maximum cruise speed of 487 knots (902 km / h) to a range of 7,700 nautical miles. the aircraft service ceiling is 51,000 ft.

Bombardier Global 7500 Price and Orders

The estimated price of the latest Global 7500 business jet is around US $ 72.8 to 75 million. On October 21, 2010, London Air Services ordered $ 65 million to be delivered in 2018. On December 14, 2010, Comlux ordered two units.

On March 2, 2011, the largest provider of fractional jets NetJets ordered 20 Global 7500, then Avwest ordered 4 units on June 21, 2011. On May 18, 2015, Andreas Nikolaus Lauda, ​​an airline businessman ordered 1 aircraft.

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