Boeing Unveil The Concept of Hypersonic Passenger Jet, Really Fast! – Boeing finally revealed the concept of its first hypersonic passenger jet. This hypersonic jet can be used for military and commercial applications. New approaches have been developed to make point-to-point high-speed travel a reality. Boeing has been focusing on developing unmanned aircraft and spacecraft in the past two decades. So it will be very possible for companies to explore further, namely developing aircraft capable of flying around the world at hypersonic speeds.

Theoretically, hypersonic speed is the speed at Mach 5 and higher, or more than five times the speed of sound. This means that the hypersonic jet to be developed can fly as fast as 5 Mach, or just under 3,900 miles in one hour. This means it will take around 3 hours to complete a flight between Los Angeles and Tokyo, flights which currently take 11 hours. Likewise with flights between New York and London can be reduced from 7 hours to 2 hours.

Boeing Hypersonic Passenger Jet Concept

The biggest challenge for hypersonic jet flight is developing an engine capable of generating thrust to reach that speed. A bigger problem that will arise in the development of hypersonic passenger jets is the problem of enormous production costs and environmental problems, because flying at high speed will burn a lot of fuel, and will be far less efficient than slow flight.

So far Boeing has not yet decided on the mechanism of hypersonic jet flight, whether by reusing orbital rockets or flying at hypersonic speeds through the upper atmosphere. In addition the company has not provided details about production costs or timeframes for the commercial launch of the aircraft. According to senior technical colleague and Boeing hypersonics scientist Kevin Bowcutt, it may take 20 to 30 years for a hypersonic passenger jet to make its first flight.

He added that Boeing over the next six decades will continue to build the foundation of work to design, develop and fly experimental hypersonic vehicles. So Boeing is leading the company to lead efforts to bring hypersonic jet technology to the aviation industry in the future.

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