Boeing PAV eVTOL Passenger Air Vehicle Specs and Price – Boeing Passenger Air Vehicle (PAV) is a new generation of electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) passenger aircraft or air taxis designed for air transportation on demand. The development of the PAV eVTOL was carried out by Boeing NeXt in coordination with Aurora Flight Sciences, United States.

Boeing PAV eVTOL aircraft will meet potential environmental and transportation challenges and offer a safe, clean and reasonably urban travel experience. Designed to operate on vertiport (vertical airport), this aircraft allows passengers to board and descend quickly.

The Boeing PAV is a fully autonomous eVTOL with the ability to take off and land, level flight, and navigate difficult routes without pilots on board. This autonomy extends to route planning, contingency response, detection, and avoiding unexpected obstacles. The Boeing PAV eVTOL prototype aircraft completed its first flight test in January 2019.

Boeing PAV eVTOL Passenger Air Vehicle

Boeing PAV eVTOL Design and Specs

Boeing PAV eVTOL is designed as a small aero-cabin structure. The airframe fuselage is supported by four struts that are connected to two horizontal rods which form a base. Horizontal beams form part of the landing gear which runs along the plane.

Overall the Boeing PAV eVTOL has a length of 9.14 m and a width of 8.53 m. This aircraft is being developed in two and four passenger variants with modular cargo options. It features gull winged doors with hinges on the top.

The Boeing PAV eVTOL aircraft empennage / tail assembly is a modified version of the twin tail blast. Based on horizontal support bars, extends over the width of the aircraft. Two movable fins that are placed in the horizontal tail plane act as elevators. One end of the tailplane is bent to form a vertical stabilizer with a rudder at the end.

The Boeing PAV eVTOL landing gear wheel consists of two long horizontal level bars where the entire fuselage is mounted through a stand. The landing gear bar is equipped with four shock absorbers, which extend downward. Shock absorbers will ensure a safe landing in the vertiport.

Boeing PAV eVTOL Specs

Boeing PAV eVTOL Engine and Performance

The Boeing PAV eVTOL is powered by an electric motor to power the on-board propeller. Eight small motor-powered propellers were installed to provide vertical lift and descend to the plane. Boeing used the MAGICALL motor for small propellers during the first test flight. Electric driving will ensure a flight that is safe from noise and economical and environmentally friendly. This will allow the aircraft to reach a maximum range of 80.4 km.

The Boeing PAV eVTOL is also equipped with propeller propellers at the rear of the fuselage. This provides a positive boost during level flight, while the blades on the horizontal bar collectively produce a positive boost during the different flight phases. PAV eVTOL aircraft can fly with a maximum cruise speed of 180 km / h to a range of 80 km.

Boeing PAV eVTOL Price

At present Boeing NeXt has not announced the price of an eVTOL PAV aircraft. This is because the aircraft is under development and has to undergo some more development tests.

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