e.SAT Silent Air Taxi Hybrid-Electric Aircraft Specs and Price

aircraftconcept.com – Silent Air Taxi is a hybrid-electric aircraft developed by the German manufacturer e.SAT for urban and regional air transportation at the request of the operator. The aircraft will be an air mobility solution that offers a calm flight experience for business trips, shuttle flights and short transportation trips throughout Germany.

Silent Air Taxi was introduced to the public in June 2019 and is expected to make its maiden flight in 2022 before entering service two years later. The e.SAT company also plans to develop an automatic cargo version of the aircraft.

The development of Silent Air Taxi involves several contractors consisting of MTU Aero Engine as a supplier of hybrid-aero engines, e.SAT Powertrain as a supplier of electro-hybrid drives, and RWTH Aachen University, RWTH Aachen Campus, Innovation Factory and FH Aachen as an infrastructure center for development the plane.

e.SAT Silent Air Taxi Hybrid-Electric Aircraft

e.SAT Silent Air Taxi Design and Specs

The Silent Air Taxi fuselage has a box wing design for greater fuel efficiency. Low wing monoplane with swept wings connected to T-shape tailplane, forming a box. The aircraft's wingspan is about 10 m. This aircraft is designed to accommodate a single pilot and up to four passengers.

The maximum take-off weight of Silent Air Taxi during the flight's starting point is 1,600 kg. This aircraft requires a runway of around 400 m to depart and land. Its ability to operate on shorter runways will enable aircraft to function in many airports and aerodromes.

e.SAT Silent Air Taxi Cabin and Interior

Silent Air Taxi pilot and passenger cabin configurations are arranged at the same time, with the pilot in front and the passenger behind. The cabin is equipped with a wide-angle windshield from the pilot and passenger compartments to increase natural light in the cabin while offering passengers a beautiful view. The aircraft's interior will offer more leg room, providing a comfortable and safe ride. The large cabin door makes it easy for passengers to go up and down.

e.SAT Silent Air Taxi RWTH Aachen

e.SAT Silent Air Taxi Engine and Performance

Silent Air Taxi will be powered by a combined electric and combustion engine that will form a unique power train. Electrical engine power is supplied by a battery system that can be quickly recharged in a short time on land. Synthetic fuels and fuel cells are also considered to optimize engine performance and make emissions-free aircraft.

The engine will be installed behind the fuselage and protected by sound absorbing material to reduce vibration and noise effects, creating an environment for smooth and quiet travel. Noise will not be heard beyond 100 m. Overall flight efficiency is ensured by the use of motorbikes during take-off, climbing and flight level. Silent Air Taxi will have a cruising speed of 300 km / h with a range of trips of up to 1,000 km without stopping between.

e.SAT Silent Air Taxi Price

At present e.SAT has not yet announced the price of Silent Air Taxi. This is because the aircraft is under development and will undergo a number of flight tests before being operated.

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